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SC Life Lesson Plans

Currently, lesson plans highlighting various aspects of South Carolina flora and fauna are under development with the help of teachers and scientists that have previously participated in SC Life courses.  These lesson plans address state curriculum standards designed specifically for middle school students, however, they can also be applied to standards from other grades.

The following is a list of lesson plans available along with student handouts, teacher supplements, and a slide show (requires PowerPoint to open) featuring public domain images to use along with the lesson plans.  The lesson plans, student handouts, and teacher supplements require Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to download.  If you do not already have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free, just click here and follow the prompts.

SC Life materials are available for use only in non-profit educational activities.  Any other uses, including activities involving fees for instruction and/or materials, must receive permission from the SC Life Project Director.

Introduction to Adult Insects and Their Adaptations

Adaptations to the Environment: A Living Fossil - the American Horseshoe Crab

There are also four movies and a slide show available on SC Life's Web site.

Aquatic Insects Found in Mountain Streams and Their Adaptations

For a slide show, visit SC Life's Web site.

Mammal Teeth and Skulls - Adaptations and Identification

For a slide show, visit SC Life's Web site.

Hummingbirds and Flowers: A Study of Co-Adaptive Relationships

For a slide show and sound files, visit SC Life's Web site.

Using Abiotic and Biotic Parameters to Monitor Water Quality:  A Field Experiment

For a slide show, visit SC Life's Web site.

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