Sandlapper Society

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips into South Carolina’s ecosystems

A collaboration between the SC Life Project and South Carolina ETV, offers you the chance to take virtual field trips into South Carolina¬ís ecosystems. These trips offer interactive panoramic Quicktime VR movies, movie clips of wildlife, and links to other multimedia objects and text and are available online and on CD.  These field trips were designed specifically for schools lacking easy access to natural areas.  The field trips also come with student worksheets and teacher answers sheets downloadable as PDF files.

The Salt Marsh and Cove Forest Virtual Field Trips are already completed, but be sure to check back periodically for the others.

Coming soon! SC Life Virtual Field Trips available for download to iPhone, iPods and iTunes U! Visit SC Life's Web page for more information.

Salt Marsh Student Worksheet (PDF, 16 KB)
Salt Marsh Teacher Answer Sheet (PDF, 29KB)

Cove Forest Student Worksheet
(PDF, 12KB)
Cove Forest Teacher Answer Sheet (PDF, 41 KB)

SC Life materials are available for use only in non-profit educational activities.  Any other uses, including activities involving fees for instruction and/or materials, must receive permission from the SC Life Project Director.  Contact Ginger Foulk, SC Life Project Office, 132 Long Hall, Clemson, SC 29634, 864-656-4224, with questions about any of our SC Life materials or programs.