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1st & 2nd Grade Field Trips

EdVenture Explore Learning Programs

EdVenture-led Field Trips

EdVenture's expert staff will lead your class on one of the museum's incredible Discoveries! During your 2-hour museum visit, your students will participate in a 45-minute standards-based program — allowing for both an educational program and museum discovery. EdVenture conducts the program — you lead the museum exploration! 


Come to Your Senses

SC Health and Safety Standards – Standard K-3
My Body; Physical Development Standards 1-2

The human body has lots of ways of finding out about the world, including using the five senses to pick up clues about the environment. Explore how the different senses work together with the brain to help us live a safe, interesting and healthy life.

Germs, Germs, Germs (November-February)
SC Health and Safety Standards – Content Area 1 Standard 1
SC Science Standards: 1-1.2; 1-1.3; 2-1.1; 2-1.2; 2-1.3
SC ELA Standards – 1-1.4; 1-1.12; 1-2.2; 1-2.4; 1-2.5

"Cover your mouth!" "Wash your hands!" This fun, high-energy program will allow your students to carry out a series of investigations designed to teach them the value of important hygiene habits that will keep them healthy.

1st Grade Only:
Green Leaves (March-June)
SC Science Standards: 1-2.1; 1-2.2; 1-2.4; 1-2.6

How does your garden grow? This program is a wonderful mixture of science and art – allowing for children to learn about plants and how all of a plant's individual parts work together. Students participate in unique activities to better understand what plants need to be healthy, thriving organisms.

Healthy Me, Healthy You
SC Health and Safety Standards: Health Standards:
Content Area I - Standard 3; Standard 7; Content Area II – Standard 1; Standard 2

The body is an amazing machine with many parts that work together to keep it running. Featuring "Stuffee" – EdVenture's in-house health expert – this program allows children to see what we need to do to maintain both the outsides and insides of our bodies.

Kitchen Science
SC Science Standards: 2-4.1; 2-4.2; 2-4.3; 2-4.4

What kind of chemistry experiments can you do at home? This program will allow students to discover the "wow" factor as everyday household ingredients are combined to illustrate physical and chemical changes.

Little Sparks - Fire and Life Safety
SC Social Studies Standards: 1-3.2; 2-2.3; 2-3.2
SC ELA Standards: 1-1.4; 1-1.4; 1-1.12; 1-2.2; 1-2.4; 1-2.5
SC Health Standards: Content Area 4 Standards 1- 7

Every child is fascinated by fire, but do they know the importance of fire safety? Designed and taught by EdVenture's Fire Safety educators, this program teaches children fire and life safety skills such as the importance of smoke alarms, home escape plans and how to conduct an emergency call using our 911 simulator.

2nd Grade Only:
Marvelous Metamorphosis (May-October)
SC Science Standards: 2-2.1; 2-2.2; 2-2.3; 2-2.4; 2-2.5

Experience the beauty and magic of actual metamorphosis in "Blooming Butterflies." Students will be amazed as they explore our unique outdoor, enclosed exhibit that contains hundreds of plants and more than 20 species of butterflies and moths.

2nd Grade Only:
Nature's Forces
SC Science Standards: 2-3.1; 2-3.2

What would weather be without wind, water and heat? Explore the mysterious properties and magical movements of air, water and temperature as they combine to produce amazing powers of nature. 

Recycle, Reuse and Rethink
SC ELA Standards: 1-1.10; 1-6.1; 1-6.6; 2-3.2; 2-6.1

Wait! Don't throw that out! Meet "Garbagena" – EdVenture's in-house recycling expert! Students learn about how everyday products can be recycled, reused and reduced.

Assembly Programs

Developed to accommodate larger classes or entire grade levels, Imaginarium Adventures are assembly-style programs that will keep all of your students interested, involved and learning!

Dr. Dee's Not-So-Standard Science
SC Science Standards: 1-1.2; 1-1.4; 2-1.5

Dr. Dee was once a great scientist but now he is having some trouble remembering the basics of safety and using inquiry in the science lab. Watch him create some crazy concoctions and help remind him of the right way to perform science investigations in this entertaining and informative program.

Little Sparks Fire and Life Safety
SC Social Studies Standards: 1-3.2; 2-2.3; 2-3.2
SC ELA Standards: 1-1.4; 1-1.12; 1-2.2; 1-2.4; 1-2.5
Health Standards: Content Area Standards 1-7

Do your students know what to do in case of a fire in their homes? Designed and taught by EdVenture's Fire Safety educators and taught using "Dusty", our friendly puppet, this program will teach students about critical fire and life safety skills.

2nd Grade Only:
Matter Matters
SC Science Standards: 2-4.1; 2-4.2; 2-4.3

Through fun interactions with crazy substances, students will see all the ways that molecules interact to make different states of matter and how those states of matter change from one form to another.

Self-Paced Field Trip Programs

New for the 2009-2010 school year, EdVenture is offering Explorations, teacher-led explorations of the museum. Designed to allow your students to experience our seven fantastic, engaging exhibit galleries, EdVenture provides teachers and chaperones easy-to-use guides created to encourage students to ask questions and find answers. Explorations are an economical way to experience EdVenture, a place where children open their minds, explore their imagination and discover the world in which they live.

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