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Regions Bank Financial Literacy Program

Charles Griffin, AVP Branch Sales Manager and Community Affairs Coordinator for Regions Bank teaches students the ins and outs of managing money and finances. He has worked with 7th graders at the Center for Accelerated Preparation at Richland Northeast High School. His outstanding efforts recently were recognized when Richland School District Two and the South Carolina Department of Education named him a Partner of Education in 2009.

In each session, Charles teaches students about checking, savings, loan and investment products. They learn how to balance a checking account using a transaction register, how to calculate interest and how to combat identity theft as well. The Center for Accelerated Preparation has opened a Regions Bank branch at the school, which has a student branch manager and student tellers. This program is a valuable, hands on way to prepare today’s students to face the real world with a solid, practical financial education. 

Cost: No charge
Age Range:  Grades 7 – 1
Audience Size: Up to 30 students
Service Area: Statewide

Charles Griffin, AVP
Branch Sales Manager Community Affairs Coordinator
Regions Bank