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Ripleys Aquarium

Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach is a perfect place to teach students about the wonders of Earth's oceans and seas. Students will find themselves immersed in a watery world of sharks, rays, colorful tropical fish, and incredible hands-on learning experiences.

2010 Educational Classes Overview

Ripley's offers a varied selection of programs designed to meet the curriculum standards set forth by state and national educators in the areas of Science, Math, Social Studies and English.

The staff at Ripley's strives to ensure that the experiences provided will be an extension of what is learned in the classroom, and to provide students with a deeper understanding of why it is important to protect and conserve our ocean’s environment. Perfect for a fun interactive learning experience for student groups of all ages.

Ripley's Aquarium has age-specific classes for:

Classes for All Ages

The classes listed below may be adapted to any age level. For age-specific classes, click on links above.

Ocean Challenge

Using a “Jeopardy” like format, students are challenged to answer questions in several categories that deal with the ocean and life within the ocean. The thrill of competition makes learning fun and exciting.

Are You Smarter than Sharkee

Similar to the popular game show, students will choose different marine science categories and see if the can stump Ripley’s Aquarium’s mascot Sharkee.

Who Wants to Be a Marine Biologist

During this multiple choice quiz show students will be challenged to answer a number of different questions about the marine environment. Prizes are awarded and everyone is a winner.

Sharks Tails and Teeth

Students will learn fascinating facts about some of diverse group of sharks that live in the ocean. They will leave with an understanding of the important part that sharks play in our oceans ecosystems and why it is important to protect them.

Save the Wave

The ocean environment is such a valuable resource. Find out how our daily activities affect this fragile ecosystem and what we can do to help protect it for future generations.

2009-2010 Educational Rates

$6.50 per person for children in grades K through 12
$3.50 per person for all pre-school age children
$1.09 for souvenir Educational Programs

Teacher / Chaperone Policy

Ripley's Aquarium recognizes the important role that teachers/chaperones play on field trips. The policy admission is as follows.

Grades Preschool 2- 5 Yrs old: 1 Adult per 5 Students FREE

Grades Kindergarten – 12th: 1 Adult per 10 Students FREE

Any additional adults will pay the $6.50 student admission. Teachers/Chaperones are required to stay with their group of students at all times during your visit to the aquarium.

Souvenir Guide Books

Purchase a Souvenir Guide Book for $1.09 each.  The guide book is filled with a lot of useful and educational information.  Also visit the Cargo Hold, a wonderful gift shop filled with educational as well as fun souvenirs.  Chaperones are required to stay with their group of students while in the Cargo Hold.

How to Book Your School Group

Call Mary Clarke at 1-800-734-8888, ext. 3226 or visit

For More Information

Contact Mary Clarke at 1-800-734-8888, ext. 3226 to make a reservation, or Michelle Ruthenberg Program Director, for programming or curriculum questions.

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