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Homeschool Programs

Each month Riverbanks Zoo and Garden offers a new set of Homeschool Monday classes that will focus on a particular topic, include hands-on activities and feature live animal encounters or guided Zoo tours. Classes are repeated each Monday of the month. Topics change monthly.

About Homeschool Monday

Who can attend the programs?

Homeschool children ages 5–12 with an accompanying adult. A maximum of 25 students per class applies.

When are the programs offered?

Programs are offered most Mondays of each month, September through May, at 9:30 am for the 5- to 8-year-old program and at 11:00 am for the 9- to 12-year-old program. Check Riverbanks Zoo and Garden's Web site for program dates. The programs last between 45 minutes to an hour.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $10 per student. Admission for one student and one accompanying adult is included, and covers staffing and materials. This rate applies ONLY to those taking part in the program. Regular Zoo admission rates apply to those not participating.

How can I participate in the programs?

Register online at least 4 days in advance of the class (the Thursday before class date). Pay the program fee ($10.00) online, print off your ticket, and show your admission ticket at any admission gate on the class date. Once you enter the Zoo on the class date, please proceed to the Education Center 10 minutes prior to the class time. The program teacher will meet you and your student(s) in the lobby of the Education Building, where your admission ticket will be collected by the instructor. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

If you have any questions feel free to call the Riverbanks Education Department at 803.779.8717 x1224.

Ages 5-8 Classes

Mindful Mama

What do elephants, bees and whales have in common? Mama is in charge! These animal mothers are the head of the family. Come take a closer look at what these moms do to keep their babies safe and healthy.

The Furriest of Them All

Is it furry? Is it drinking milk? Then it must be a mammal! Come and learn about the things that make these amazing animals mammals!

Reptile Reality

What do only reptiles have? Discover snakes, lizards and turtles in this all reptile extravaganza. Be ready for some scaly encounters!

It’s for the Birds

Birds aren’t all just feathers and fluff! Flock to the Zoo to learn what links all birds together while meeting one of our feathered stars up-close.

I Like to Move It, Move It!

Have a hoppin’, slithering, and crawling time while learning about how and why animals move the way they do!

Daddy Daycare

Sometimes father knows best, even in the animal world! Learn about some amazing animal dads who give it their all when it comes to taking care of their young ones.

Ages 9-12 Classes

Just Chillin'

When it comes to bitter cold temperatures, do you have what it takes to survive? These stars of the cold do! Who needs to sleep or run for warmer weather? Learn who's hot and who's not when it comes to toughing it out in the deep freeze.

Zoo Sleuths

It’s a Riverbanks mystery! You can be a Zoo Sleuth by discovering clues like fur, skulls, and tracks. Will you be the one to crack the case?

Lean On Me

Did you ever wonder why mosquitoes bite? Or why some plants have weird looking growths on their stems? Many animals and plants depend upon each other, quite literally! Learn about symbiosis and meet some living examples.

In My Backyard

At Riverbanks Zoo are animals from Africa, Asia, and most other places you can imagine, but do you know what lives in your own backyard? Discover the different regions of South Carolina and who lives in them.

The Fact of the Matter

When it comes to animals, have you ever had one of those “I wonder…” moments? Get those questions answered! What better place than the Zoo to get the facts?

I’ve Got My Eye On You

Can you guess how far away an eagle can see? Are some animals really blind? Animals have all different types of eyes depending on where they live. Visit Riverbanks Zoo to learn how animal eyesight helps these insightful creatures. 

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