Sandlapper Society

5th - 6th Grade School Programs

CSI: Coat & Skull Investigation

Follow the clues to solve a wild crime! Try your hand at forensic science to observe and categorize evidence about animals. Interactive scientific skill stations and animal encounters can help you provide wild justice.

5th grade standards: 5-1.4, 5-1.6, 5-2.4

6th grade standards: 6-1.1, 6-1.2, 6-3.7

If I Ran the Zoo…

Do you belong in a zoo? How could you get involved? What do zoo workers do? Learn all of this and more in this tour-based class! Take a walk behind the scenes, become involved in animal enrichment and meet someone who works in the wildest office in town!

5th grade standards: 5-1.1, 5-2.2
6th grade standards: 6-1.2, 6-1.4, 6-3.3, 6-3.7

You Snooze, You Lose

Outplay, outwit, outlast; for animals, survival is not just a game and if you snooze, you just might lose! Animals in an ecosystem depend on each other to survive. What happens if one piece of the habitat puzzle goes missing? Find out as we explore ecosystem dynamics and meet animal visitors.

5th grade standards: 5-2.2, 5-2.4, 5-2.5

6th grade standards: 6-3.2, 6-3.4, 6-3.5

Variety is the Spice of Life

We share the planet with millions of animals! Can you name them? Can anyone? Many biologists study biodiversity, the many forms of life on planet Earth. Through live animals, photographs and biofacts, learn how animals meet basic needs in a variety of habitats around the world, while discussing the impact that people can have on the wild.

5th grade standards: 5-2.4, 5-2.5, 5-3.6

6th grade standards: 6-2.1, 6-3.1*, 6-3.2
(*Indicates partial completion of the standard.)

Field Trip Resource Packets

(requires Acrobat Reader)
Field Trip Resource Grade 5 Packet
Field Trip Resource Grade 6 Packet