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Natural History Programs

Beneath Your Feet

Grades K, 1, 3 • Standards:  K-5.1; 1-4.1, 1-4.2;
3-3.1, 3-3.8

Earth's crust is made up mainly of rocks and minerals. How were they formed? How can you tell one from the other? Like detectives, our older students will engage in hands-on activities to answer these and other questions in NatureSpace; our young learners will take a "trip" through the earth, where each major layer will be viewed and discussed. Pre-Visit Materials

Environmentally Speaking

Grades 1-7

Take a tour through the Museum's natural history area to see how plants and animals survive in their natural habitats.  See where animals in your own backyard stand on the food chain and how the life cycle of nature perpetuates. Pre-Visit Materials

The Diverse World of Animals

Grades K, 2-5 • Standards:  K-2.1; 2-2.1, 2-2.2, 2-2.3; 3-1.1; 3-2.2, 3-2.3; 4-2.1,
4-2.2; 5-3.1

Students will engage in a classification activity in our Naturespace classroom. Models, replicas and pictures of animals native to our state will help students recognize common traits. A visit to the South Carolina Habitats exhibit will allow them to see the habitat of each animal classified.

Genes: the Body Builders

Grade 7 • Standards: 7-2.5; 7-2.6; 7-2.7

What makes us who we are? Using hands-on activities, explore the science of heredity and genetics in NatureSpace.  We'll use Punnett Squares to learn how geneticists predict genotypes. We'll also use Potato Heads® to learn how inherited traits and environmental factors determine the survival of a species on Spud Survivor: Potatohead Island!

Natural History Tour

Grades K-12

Earth has not always been the same, as we know it now.  Our planet continues to undergo physical changes on land and among its lifeforms. Students while be introduced to various animals that have lived in South Carolina over millions of years during this tour of exhibits in our Natural History gallery.

Sticks and Stones Make Animal Homes

Grades 2, 3 • Standards:  2-2.1; 3-2.2; 3-2.3; 3-2.4

In NatureSpace, students will learn about the animals that share their backyards. Using their knowledge of the elements which make a good habitat, students will build a squirrel's nest and create their own backyard habitat using our collection of "critters."

Umbrellas or Snowshoes: The Weather Around Us

Grades K, 2, 4 • Standards:  K-4.1; K-4.2; 2-3.2; 2-3.3; 4-4.1; 4-4.2; 4-4.4

In NatureSpace, young learners will measure temperature, make a cloud chart, and learn about the water cycle. Older students will manipulate variables and record their effect on temperature.
Pre-Visit Materials

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