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Science and Technology Programs

Household Chemistry

Grades 2, 3, 5-7, 9-12  •  Standards:  2-4.1; 2-4.2; 2-4.4; 3-4.1; 3-4.2; 5-4.3; 6-5.6; 7-5.2; 7-5.4;
7-5.5; 7-5.6; 7-5.10; PS-4.6; PS-4.8; C-6.5;
C-6.6; C-6.7

We could not go a day without chemistry. Chemicals are used to purify drinking, make soaps and detergents, and as an ingredient in common household cleaners such as bleach, ammonia, and abrasive powders. Hands-on experiments will assist in learning about mixtures and solutions, and proper handling of household chemicals.

Light and Lasers

Grades 4, 8, 9-12 • Standards:  4-5.2; 4-3.8; 8-4.10; P-5.4

While in the Science Theatre, students will be introduced to laser technology, see how lasers work and learn how lasers impact our lives. Explore how the tools on satellites orbiting planetary bodies use all wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. Find out what scientists hope to learn about the moon's shadowy areas using ultraviolet wavelengths. Pre-Visit Materials

Mind Over Muscle

Grades 5, 6, 8, 9-12 • Standards: 5-1.5; 5-5.1; 5-5.2; 5-5.3; 5-5.6; 6-1.2; 6-5.2; 6-5.4;
6-5.6; 6-5.7; 6-5.8; 8-5.3; 8-5.4; 8-5.5; 8-5.6; PS-5.7; PS-6.1; PS-6.2; PS-6.3; PS-6.4

Can you lift a concrete brick with one hand?  It doesn't take muscle if you know how to flex your mind!  Learn how simple machines and basic fundamentals of physics are applied to make everyday tasks easier.  Mind over Muscle features several hand-on activities and demonstrations that illustrate how force is multiplied by using pulleys, levers, and other machines.  We'll also talk about Newton's 3 Laws of Motion, Bernoulli's principle, and the law of Conservation of Energy.  And as for the brick…you just might be surprised at how much you can lift when you put your mind to it!

Science-Technology Tour

Grades K-12

What is gravity? How is a dugout canoe made? What did astronauts find on the moon? Discover the answers to these questions and many others during this tour.

Take Charge: Electricity

Grades 3, 4, 9-12 • Standards:  3-4.3, 3-4.4; 4-5.8; P-4.6

Learn about the origins of electricity and discover how it improves our lives. Students also will have a few (safe) hair-raising experiences in Science Theatre.

That's Sound Science

Grades 1, 3, 8 • Standards:  1-5.3, 3-5.5, 3-5.8, 8-6.2, 8-6.3, 8-6.5

Sound is everywhere – but what is sound?  Learn how matter and vibration are involved in the way sound moves.  Describe how the ear interprets sound.  We'll even show you how to make sound disappear!

The Solar System

Grades 4, 8 • Standards:  4-3.1; 4-3.3; 8-4.1;

Students will take a trip through the solar system during this Science Theatre presentation.  Exploration is enhanced by computer images and interactive activities.

The Wonderful Sky

Grade 1 • Standards:  1-3.1; 1-3.2
Young students will be introduced to the sun, moon and planets through live demonstrations and hands-on activities in the Science Theatre. 

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To schedule a visit to the SC State Museum, email or call (803) 898-4999.

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