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Junior Achievement Elementary Programs


For thousands of students, this popular program represents their first real foray into the economics of life—work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. JA volunteers lead sessions with engaging stories and dynamic activities that help instill the values of earning, saving, sharing, and working ethically.

Our Families®

Children tend to think everything they want is something they need. Learning to recognize the difference between the two is one of the first crucial lessons in financial literacy. By focusing on the roles people play in their local economy, students understand the importance of work, and the tools and skills to get—or earn—what they want.

Our Community®

Understanding life outside of home and school begins with students taking a look at how things work in their communities. This program puts community life into perspective for students as they explore matters of business, citizenship, economics, and the interdependent roles of people working in a community.

Our City®

Urban life comes into sharp context through Our City, a program designed to inspire student exploration of the relationship between the jobs people perform, the skills they need to perform these jobs, and the impact their work has on a city's well-being.

Our Region®

This program introduces students to the relationship between natural, human, and capital resources found in different regions, and explores regional businesses that produce goods (such as food in local supermarkets) and services (such as energy and transportation).

Our Nation®

Introduces the concept of business globalization as it relates to business resources and careers, and the need for students to be entrepreneurial in their thinking to meet the requirements of business worldwide. Through engaging activities, students learn about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills, resources, and job skills.

JA Afterschool™ JA More than Money™

What good is earning money if young people aren't taught how to save, spend, and share it? This program instills these essential skills in students, and shows them how entrepreneurial thinking and financial savvy can transform an idea into a business that can generate jobs and wealth for themselves and their communities. 

There are five Junior Achievement offices serving the counties of South Carolina.  To request a class, please visit the appropriate website.

Junior Achievement of Central South Carolina
(803) 252-1974

Junior Achievement of Coastal South Carolina
(843) 745-1141

Junior Achievement of Central Carolinas
(803) 980-6363

Junior Achievement of the Upstate
(864) 244-4017

Junior Achievement of Georgia
(706) 736-3070