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Junior Achievement High School Programs

JA Banks in Action®

Once it's deposited in a bank, what happens to the money teens earn mowing lawns, slicing pizzas, or babysitting? JA Banks in Action demystifies finance by explaining how a bank works and having students operate a computer-simulated bank with their classmates. The program covers the history of banking and introduces students to the various career paths in banking.

JA Be Entrepreneurial™ NEW

The challenge—start an entrepreneurial venture while still in high school.  JA Be Entrepreneurial dispels entrepreneurship myths, gives students the essential tools needed to develop a business plan, and the inspiration to take innovative action and successfully compete in the world's marketplace.

JA Business Ethics™

Scandals in the business world have eroded public confidence.  JA Business Ethics fosters ethical decision-making as students prepare to enter the workforce or global marketplace. Introspective activities help students evaluate theories and concepts common to the study of ethics as they analyze their own ethical values, priorities, and philosophy.

JA Careers with a Purpose®

How can ethical positive values, life maxims, and decision-making skills help people make career and life decisions? Can people make career choices in terms of their individual noble purpose?  How? Through hands-on classroom activities and local, regional, and global essay competitions, this program introduces students to the importance of seeking careers that help them realize their life potential and noble purpose.

JA Economics®

This program reinforces concepts of micro- and macro-economics by having students explore the basic characteristics of the U.S. economic system, and how economic principles influence business decisions. It also introduces students to career opportunities, consumer issues, and helps reinforce important academic and leadership skills, including research and data analysis, problem solving, and critical-thinking.

JA Exploring Economics™

Through hands-on classroom activities, JA Exploring Economics fosters lifelong skills and knowledge about how the economy works, including micro-, macro-, personal, and international economics.  Students learn about the importance of international trade and the effects of inflation.

JA Success Skills®

"What do I need to know to find, get, and keep a job?" Answer:  JA Success Skills. Thought-provoking exercises help students acquire strategies to achieve lifelong learning pursuits and career opportunities. They develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, along with the ability to communicate, negotiate, lead, and think like a polished professional.

JA Titan®

Through a web-based simulation, students operate a virtual company, whether that means running it into the ground or earning big profits.  Success depends on quarterly decisions they make about their product price, marketing, R&D, and business practices. Win or lose, students gain a real-world understanding of the effect management decisions have on a company's bottom line.

The NEFE High School Financial Planning Program

This classroom-based program introduces students to the importance of making wise financial choices. Students explore the role that money plays in achieving personal goals throughout life.  They develop planning, goal-setting, and thoughtful decision-making skills that will help them protect themselves from the unexpected financial pitfalls that plague so many adults.

JA Afterschool™ JA Company Program®

When students think they've learned enough to start their own business, they should! This real-world program has students put theory to practice by starting their own venture, from concept to business plan, financing, execution, sales and, ultimately, growth or demise. Through teamwork, students learn to understand and appreciate the responsibilities each person has in running a business. 

There are five Junior Achievement offices serving the counties of South Carolina.  To request a class, please visit the appropriate website.

Junior Achievement of Central South Carolina
(803) 252-1974

Junior Achievement of Coastal South Carolina
(843) 745-1141

Junior Achievement of Central Carolinas
(803) 980-6363

Junior Achievement of the Upstate
(864) 244-4017

Junior Achievement of Georgia
(706) 736-3070