Sandlapper Society

Junior Achievement Middle School Programs

JA America Works®

What is behind the United States' legacy of economic success? Entrepreneurial moxie—lots of it! In this program, students learn about the history of American entrepreneurship and its vital role in business and the nation's economic development.

JA Economics for Success®

What is personal finance? How do skills, interests, values, and education affect career options? This program provides an opportunity for students to begin asking life questions and exploring how their academic, economic, and ethical choices affect their lives.

JA Global Marketplace®

Like those sneakers? They're made in China with rubber from Brazil, cotton from India, color dye from Vietnam, and recycled plastic from Honduras. Practical examples like this help students understand how goods flow in the world's economy and the effect globalization has on their lives.

JA Afterschool™ JA It's My Business!®

Can anyone learn to think and act like an entrepreneur? Most definitely.  JA It's My Business demonstrates for students the key characteristics of becoming a successful entrepreneur: believe in yourself, fill a need, know your customer and product, and be creative and innovative. 

There are five Junior Achievement offices serving the counties of South Carolina.  To request a class, please visit the appropriate website.

Junior Achievement of Central South Carolina
(803) 252-1974

Junior Achievement of Coastal South Carolina
(843) 745-1141

Junior Achievement of Central Carolinas
(803) 980-6363

Junior Achievement of the Upstate
(864) 244-4017

Junior Achievement of Georgia
(706) 736-3070