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Grade 8: College Match

College Match

Standard 8-7: The student will demonstrate an understanding of South Carolina’s economic revitalization during World War II and the latter twentieth century.

Summarize the significant aspects of the economic growth experienced by South Carolina during and following World War II, including the contributions of Governor Strom Thurmond in promoting economic growth; the creation of the State Development Board and the technical education system; the benefits of good road systems, a sea port, and the Savannah River site; and the scarcity of labor unions. (H, E, G, P)

8-7.4  Explain the factors that influenced the economic opportunities of African American South Carolinians during the latter twentieth century, including racial discrimination, the Briggs v. Elliott case, the integration of public facilities and the civil rights movement, agricultural decline, and statewide educational improvement. (H, P, E)


Packing for College

Your older brother or sister is trying to decide on a university or college. Your mom has found five colleges/universities she thinks will interest your sibling. She’s also found facts about each college/university. She has asked for your help, first to decorate a box for each college/university and secondly to categorize the facts in the appropriate box. Unfortunately, before she could direct you how to decorate the boxes and where to place the facts, she was called to work on an emergency. To fulfill your mom’s request you must research the colleges and universities using various Sandlapper magazines and possibly the internet. It’s up to you to decorate and pack the box before your mom returns and help your brother or sister make a decision about where they might like to attend school.
For the Teacher:
Place students in five groups. Give each group a shoe box and a school. Have students decorate their box using information they’ve researched using the internet. Now give each group sentence strips of facts on the various schools as well as one bonus question. Have students use clues from the text of the Sandlapper Magazine to determine where facts belong. Have students place the facts in the appropriate box. Remind students that some of their facts will be placed in boxes in other groups. The first group to correctly place their facts and answer the bonus question wins the “College Match” game. If you teach more than one class of students, bonus points could be awarded for the “best” box as judged by students in other classes. Students could also try to stump students in other groups by creating new facts they learn as they read and study the Sandlapper articles.


A - USC – Salkehatchie Campus – Summer 2009 – A Growing Campus Family
B - Clemson University – Autumn 2008 – Traveling Man: Thomas Green Clemson
C - SC Technical College System – Autumn 2008 – Tuning In To Technical Education
Spring 2009 – Tuning In To Technical Education
D - Claflin College – Winter 2009-10 – Teaching the Visionaries
E - College of Charleston – Summer 2008 – Deep Roots Many Branches


Facts with answers:

At this university of 1900 students, community service is stressed. – D
Although first created to deal with shortages in the health field, now students can get degrees in diversified programs like green technology, construction, culinary fields, hospitality, and film production. – C
Founders of this college include three signers of the Declaration of Independence and three framers of the US Constitution. – E
This university first opened in 1965. – A
This university was founded in 1869. – D
This college is the oldest institution of higher learning in SC and south of Virginia. – E
This college system has over 16 campuses. – C
This university has the motto, “The World needs Visionaries.” – D
This university has a student/faculty ratio of 15:1. – A
Nearly 10,000 undergraduate and 1,400 graduate students attend this college. – E
Most older buildings on this college campus surround the Cistern. – E
This university’s founder was married to John C. Calhoun’s daughter. – B
This university was created as an agricultural college. – B
Students at this college can custom design their undergraduate programs based on research and interest. – E
The founder of this university composed a melody called “Carolina Forever”. – B
This system enrolls close to 240,000 students. – C
This system is part of something called the HBCU. – D
Many of the students from this college’s School of Performing Arts participate in Spoleto Festival USA. – E
This college is a NCAA Division I school and their sports teams include sailing, baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf, and equestrian sports. – E
This university serves students in Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Colleton, and Hampton counties. – A
These colleges help students get high school diplomas, offer bridge programs to universities, and offer two and four year degrees. – C
This university is found in Orangeburg and has a biotech center. – D
This college has about 500 teacher-scholars. – E
This university has about 1,000 students and offers two year degrees and the opportunity to begin four year degrees before transferring to the main campus. – A
This university was the first in SC to accept men and women “regardless of race, complexion, or religious opinion”. – D
The first college in this system was begun in 1962 in Greenville. – C
Although it is primarily a two year school, this university has sports programs that include softball, baseball, and men and women’s basketball and soccer. – A
The founder of this university traveled throughout the US and world from 1823-1875. – B
This college has a large number of out of state students as well as international students. – E
This college has an emergency alert system, to help protect their student body, called the Cougar-Alert. - E

Bonus questions:

What is a cistern?
What do the letters HBCU stand for?
What is meant by a “bridge” program?
What would be done at a biotech center?
Define the term visionary? Why would a college choose to include it in their motto?
College Box Rubric – This works best when allowing students from other classes to judge. Assign each box a number so that students are judging the work, not the students that complete the work.

Box # ___________
Scale: (1) not at all, (2) somewhat, (3) to a considerable extent, (4) definitely
____ Box focuses on specific college
____ Box makes an obvious statement about what makes the college/university unique
____ Box design has pleasing colors and design scheme – it is neat and well done
____ This box makes me want to learn more about this college/university

____Total points awarded this box


Possible internet resources: