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Since its first issue, Sandlapper magazine has covered stories about the people, places, culture and history that have defined South Carolina. Just for fun we've pulled a few random articles from our vault! Enjoy this flashback!

SC's Remarkable James Francis Byrnes

Now in his 89th year, James Francis Byrnes enjoys the zestful vitality of a man half his age. If failing eyesight causes him sometimes to walk with care, his grasp on life, like his enlightened conservatism, remains bold and firm. His interest in the welfare of his nation and state, in the good cause of educating his many student proteges, and in his wide circle of friends is as strong as ever. "Jimmy" Byrnes, South Carolina statesman extraordinary, is a political patriarch of unique distinction of whom any state in the union would be justly proud. <READ MORE>

Carolina Coliseum

The Carolina Coliseum, on of the largest multi-purpose structures of its kind in the Southeast, opens for business this month. While the huge facility will not be finally completed until early 1969, the arena portion of the building will be ready for basketball games and for a holiday concert December 12. <READ MORE>

A Stable Which Became A Chapel

In 1823 when architect Robert Mills designed a stable on the estate of Scottish-born Ainsley Hall in Columbia, it was assumed that spirited, beautifully groomed horses with carriages for the Hall family be be housed in this structure. But destiny had other plans. <READ MORE>

Eight Faces of History: The Octagon House of Laurens

Some people say that if you hold a divining rod "just so" you may find water. Rev. Zelote Holmes found his way to South Carolina by employing a similar device. <READ MORE>

Artist Nancy Wilds

A droitly avoiding the embraces of a large white dog that had come to greet me, I followed artist Nancy Wilds to her studio in the garden cottage of Rose Hill, the Aiken home of Miss Claudia Phelps. As a shattering blast from young Alex's electric guitar rocked the studio, Nancy spoke wistfully of the quiet monastic life of the Middle Ages when a monk could work tranquilly in the scriptorium, interrupted only by the bell calling him to prayers.  <READ MORE>

Wings and Wheels

Capturing the excitement of Kitty Hawk in 1903, the anticipation at Dover in 1909, the pride of the military pilots in 1916 and the worldwide jubilation over the landing in Paris in the 1920's is the purpose of the antique airplane museum at Santee, South Carolina.  <READ MORE>

Scandinavia U.S.A

It is amazing to native "Norwegians" how many folks have never heard of Norway—South Carolina, that is. It isn't the only Norway in the United States; but surely it must be the only one with in nine miles of Denmark, Sweden and Finland. <READ MORE> 



Edisto Island - Some Residents View
Its Rediscovery Askance

If so many people hadn't become angry at the same time, it is conceivable that Edisto Island today could be on of the world's smallest republics. <READ MORE> 


Cargo Delivered

After resting 132 years on the ocean floor off the Palmetto State coast, the opulent treasure of the SS Central America is making history– again.   <READ MORE>

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