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Sandlapper Archive Room

Did you know that a Russian princess who escaped the Communist Revolution once taught classes at Wofford College? Or that there was a walk-in drug clinic in 1970s Columbia called The Bosom? That Charleston was the first city in the world that required milk be pasteurized? Or that famed stripper Gypsy Rose Lee was the “Vice President of Unveiling” for Spring Maid Mills Lancaster and Chester Railroad? These are just a few of the stories told by Sandlapper, The Magazine of South Carolina since it began publication more than 40 years ago.

Today, the Sandlapper Society announced it is donating its archives to Columbia College’s J. Drake Edens Library. Since 1968, the magazine has told the stories of people, places, events and culture unique to the Palmetto State.

“We’re very excited to receive the Sandlapper collection,” said Dan Murphy, director of Library and Information Technology Services at Columbia College. “We have over 150 years’ worth of documents pertaining to Columbia College in our archives. The Sandlapper donation will be the cornerstone of our larger South Carolina collection. Each edition offers a snapshot of South
Carolina history. There are thousands of stories about South Carolina that can be found nowhere else but in the pages of Sandlapper.”

 “This collection is a treasure trove of South Carolina history, and told while it was all happening. These archives allow us to step back in time rather than simply read in the past tense about our state.” said Elaine Gillespie, executive director of Sandlapper Society. “We’re so pleased that Columbia College will house our archives and preserve them for future generations.”

The magazines will be bound into hardback form and kept in climate-controlled conditions at the library. The collection will be catalogued and available to the public for research purposes. Over time, the collection will be digitized and available online, Murphy said.

Sandlapper Society is the nonprofit educational organization that produces Sandlapper magazine, publishes books and promotes the positive aspects of life in the Palmetto State. For more information or to join Sandlapper Society, call 803.779.8763 or visit

Founded in 1854, Columbia College is a private four-year liberal arts college for women. It has been recognized as one of the top comprehensive undergraduate colleges in the South and is unique in its emphasis on women’s leadership development. The Leadership Institute at Columbia College has been recognized for excellence by both the Kellogg Foundation and the Women’s College Coalition.