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Order or renew your Society membership, order gift memberships, become a Patron, and purchase the cookbook, art poster and back issues of the magazine—all online—and be billed later! Please complete the form, check your order carefully and click the SUBMIT button. Questions? Inquire by e-mail or phone (803) 359-9954 or (800) 908-0308. To prepay by MasterCard or Visa, please phone our toll-free number. Thank you!

I want to join/rejoin Sandlapper Society Inc. for one year and receive four issues of the magazine. $25.

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I want to become a Sandlapper Society Patron and help tell the South Carolina Story.

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(Sandlapper Friend, $100. Sandlapper Patron, $200. Palmetto Patron, $500. Bronze Patron, $1,000. Silver Patron, $3,000. Gold Patron, $5,000. Platinum Patron, $10,000. Click here for patron category details.)

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For security purposes, Sandlapper Society, Inc., does not process online credit card orders at this time. You may order by credit card by calling us toll-free at (800) 908-0308 or locally at (803) 359-9954. Thank you!


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