Quotable Quotes From Sandlappers

"Well, I tell you, good Orangeburg County barbecue is awful hard to beat, and then Gene Ott's catfish stew is absolutely the ultimate. But the American Legion's fried chicken is right up there, too."
Orangeburg lawyer Hall Yarborough, when asked which political banquet food is best

"I think Maurice's barbecue sauce is the best. I think you can put Maurice's sauce on that telephone pole and it would taste good."
Lexington lawyer Tim Driggers, on who makes the best barbecue sauce

"I'm war-oriented. My daddy tells me I'm bloodthirsty. What can I expect? I sat at my grandfather's feet when I was 4 years old and he was telling me about my great-grandfather fighting in the Confederacy and walking back from Appomattox."
Diane Timmerman, director of the Old Edgefield Archives and Courtesy Center

"I had to come back here to hear people talk about each other. In New York, they talk about themselves."
Theatre director George Boozer of Lexington, on the differences between people in his hometown and Manhattan, where he lived for many years

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