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Katie McElveen is a freelance writer based in Columbia. Since 2006, Katie has been Sandlapper magazine's cooking columnist. Click on any tab at left or below for a selection of Katie's columns and recipes published in previous issues of Sandlapper. Note: some articles have been edited to highlight recipes.


Spring 2011

The Stables at
Rose Hill Estate

Grilled Bone-in Pork Chop with Mushroom Ragout and Grilled Asparagus Spears


Summer 2011

Red Bone Alley
Pineapple Martini


Autumn 2011

Charlie's L'Etoile Verte
Charlie's Scalloped Potatoes


Winter 2010

A Lowcountry Leap
of Faith

Rivertown Bistro's Coffee-rubbed Salmon with Grits and Benton Ham Red-eye Gravy


Autumn 2010

Winnsboro's A Little Taste
of Italy

Enzo's Shrimp & Linguine Carbonara



Summer 2010

Fun with Flavors
Honeysuckle, Muscadine and Death by Chocolate
Ice Cream Recipes


Spring 2010

Sharing the Health
Greek-styled Black-eyed Peas
and Swiss Chard, Pasta and Dolmades



Winter 2009-10

Home From the Hunt
Cooking Wild Game


Autumn 2009

Let's Meet in Manning
Chicken Casserole,
Copper Pennies and
French Hens

Summer 2009

Keeping Gullah Culture
on the Front Burner

Catfish Okra Sweet
Tater Stew, Johnny Cake,
Butter Beans


Spring 2009

Dining with Friends & Family
Pimiento Cheese,
Tuscan Pasta,
Curried Mashed Potatoes
and Baked Shrimp


Winter 2008-09

Winter Dinner at
Abingdon Manor

Shrimp in Pernod,
Red Lentil Soup,
Beef Wellington
and more!


Autumn 2008

Homecoming at Glenn Springs Presbyterian
BLT Spread, Yeast Rolls,
Coconut Muffins and
Potato Casserole
and more!


Summer 2008

White Chocolate
Banana Cream Pie
and Crab Cakes



Spring 2008

Culinary Camp
at USC

French Onion Soup, Rosemary Focaccia,
Herbed Chicken



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