Meet the Sandlapper Magazine
Editorial Staff

Robert P. Wilkins, Editor

Lexington, SC, lawyer Bob Wilkins founded Sandlapper Magazine on the floor of his living room in 1968 because he believed South Carolina needed a positive voice to tell the story of the state - past, present and future. A former chair of the American Bar Association's Law Practice Management Section, he served as the founding editor of that section's magazine, Law Practice Management; he also was founding editor of Probate & Property, the magazine of the Probate & Property Section of the ABA, and founding editor of the South Carolina Bar Journal. Presently, in addition to editing Sandlapper Magazine and practicing law, Bob edits four law-related newsletters: The Lawyer's PC, The Perfect Lawyer, HotDocs Toolbox and Mediator's Toolbox. (For details about these periodicals, please click here to visit the RPW Publishing Corp. Web site.) And he literally "wrote the book" on estate planning; his Drafting Wills & Trust Agreements: A Systems Approach is used by estate planning lawyers throughout America and is widely regarded as the ultimate estate planning reference.

But Bob loves other things in life besides lawyering and editing. You'll often find him sweating up a storm in volleyball matches and plying the waters of Lake Murray, SC, with his wife Rose, a member of the Board of Directors of Sandlapper Society, Inc. They love to travel, and Bob is a capable photographer who also enjoys college and professional sports and the arts. As Irene Neuffer, longtime onomatological columnist for Sandlapper Magazine, would say, Bob Wilkins is South Carolina's "chiefest promoter," bar none. You can send Bob an e-mail message by clicking here.

Dan Harmon, Managing Editor & Art Director

When he's not immersed in assembling the next issue of Sandlapper or The Lawyer's PC at a computer keyboard, Dan might be found tuning one of his bouzoukis or citterns for a performance of traditional folk music at some obscure restaurant or pub. With a passion for history and the music that puts it in context, he has performed in eight states and has appeared on various regional TV and radio programs. In his free time he edits The Hornpipe, an Internet magazine devoted to folk music in the South, and he currently is authoring two clean joke books, scheduled for Autumn 1996 publication.

Dan has written and edited on a freelance basis for a number of national and regional periodicals. His proudest journalistic accomplishment was writing a history article about Harry Houdini for The New York Times - and not receiving any irate correction letters!

Aïda Rogers, Assistant Editor & Writer-at-Large

Whenever we want to assign The Ultimate Writer to any proposed article topic that crosses our editorial desks, we turn to Aïda. She is the best, period. She dines more giftedly than most ministers pray (reference any of her "Stop Where the Parking Lot's Full" columns), and she reports on a given subject by putting the reader right there, capturing the scene or the interviewee as no other writer can. Her regular photo-essays about towns in South Carolina have drawn more response (virtually all of it favorable) than any other feature in the magazine. She's also a veteran editor of Shepard's Elder Care/Law Newsletter.

What does this woman do to unwind? Reads voraciously, follows the arts and current events, practices yoga and aerobics, and otherwise lives slothfully on Lake Murray with her husband Dicky Trotter. To unwind in the office, she shreiks frequently.

Joey Frazier, Editorial & Production Assistant

Joey began work six years ago as our Jack of All Trades and has evolved into the role of Master of All Trades. He writes regularly for the magazine, takes photos (his passion) and still fulfills his original task: physically "pasting up" the pages before each issue of Sandlapper goes to the printer. He's also our chief technical problem solver, for we've discovered (probably to his chagrin) that Joey is more knowledgeable about computers, generally, than anyone else in the office. (We tend to take advantage of that.)

Apart from his Sandlapper duties, Joey is the managing editor of two RPW Publishing Corp. newsletters: The Perfect Lawyer and HotDocs Toolbox. An avid outdoorsman (Havilah Babcock is his idol), he knows his way around the dove fields and bream ponds of South Carolina. Whenever we need an outdoors article, he's our writer of choice.

Dolly Patton, Executive Director, Sandlapper Society Inc.

The big news with Dolly is that she is a new mommy. She had a beautiful daughter in September. (One more faithful sandlapper and a future mail room volunteer. . . . YAAAAY, Dolly & Brian!) She and Brian are in the process of restoring a gorgeous home in Columbia.

Dolly came aboard when Sandlapper Society, Inc., was organized in December 1994, and she has done a splendid job promoting the society and managing business details. Society membership has tripled under her direction from the magazine's subscriber base two years ago. She's the most "visible" staffer, appearing regularly at tourism, beautification and other civic events around the state.

Before joining us, she taught school, worked for the SC Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism and was a tour guide at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center in Florida. A former beauty queen, she's won numerous awards for her work in recycling and her civic involvement. Among other roles, she chairs the Schools Committee of the SC Keep America Beautiful Board of Directors.

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