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The Plunder Room
The Plunder Room
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By John Jeter -- A timely Southern allegory that taps into the national zeitgeist, THE PLUNDER ROOM follows four generations of a quirky family into the heart of American honor - or what's left of it. Randol Duncan, a slacker blueblood paraplegic, no sooner buries his war-hero grandfather than he realizes he must salvage that proud legacy ... before a lurid scandal may destroy them all. Faced with the mandate his colorful grandfather had left him - along with a key to the Plunder Room, upstairs in the family's antebellum home - Randol, the sometimes snarky, sometimes poignant, some-time music critic, soon discovers just how far off the cliff the family had fallen from the Greatest Generation to Generation X ... the secret that lies in THE PLUNDER ROOM. Hardback, 293 pages.