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Forbidden Island: An Island Called Sapelo (Hardback)
Forbidden Island: An Island Called Sapelo (Hardback)
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By Tom Poland -- On the fifth anniversary of his wife's death, birthday balloons snag Slater Watts 15th-story office window, freed when a killer knifes a mother in an alley. Watts tries to save her, but once again a woman dies in his arms. Watts, a journalist who's sick of Atlanta, crime, his job and memories of his wife's death, sees the balloons as a wake-up call and decides to quit his job. But before he can, his editor - a treacherous paraplegic - gives him the most exciting assignment he's ever had, literally changing his life. Set on the South's last wild island, FORBIDDEN ISLAND resonates with love, dark secrets, murder, betrayal and unrivaled beauty. Partially set in Columbia, readers will love the action and adventure this novel offers. One reader said, "I could imagine it as an exciting, suspenseful, on-the-edge-of-your-seat movie. I loved the twist at the end. Everyone who reads it will love it!" Hardback, 320 pages.