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The Last of the Bighams
The Last of the Bighams
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By J. A. Zeigler--The tale of the Pamplico family's murders and the death penalty trails of the one-handed Edmund Bigham dominated newspapers in South Carolina through the 1920s. The trials drew carnival-like crowds of curious citizens eager to hear the tale of horror.  A prosecution witness died on the stand and the skull of his mother was introduced as evidence against him. But Edmund Bigham, accused of killing his brother, sister, mother and two adopted nephews, escaped the death penalty to live out his life as "The Last of the Bighams." J. A. Zeigler, then editor of the Florence Morning News and Review, wrote this first biography about the notorious Bigham family of Florence County.  At the time of the trial, Zeigler covered every facet of the murder trail as a news reporter. He wrote not only the accounts of the six-year court proceedings, but the evil traditions of the Bigham family as well.  This book was first published in 1927. Soft Cover. 230 pages.