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Musket VHP Sauce
Musket VHP Sauce
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This has real Vodka; so don’t shoot your mouth off! A truly unique all purpose sauce that is almost addictive in taste. We are calling it a BBQ/Cocktail sauce, but the truth is, it goes on virtually any meat or chip. You can cook with it or add it afterwards. Definitely adds spice (and peppers) to your life. The Vodka Honey combination imparts a quality all of its own. Musket VHP Sauce gets its name from the MUStard, KETchup Vodka, Honey & Peppers in it. It’s made from a secret recipe created by Dr. E. Lee Spence, who is internationally known for his shipwreck & treasure discoveries. You will spend time trying to figure out the spices used to create its fabulous and distinctive taste, but they are secret, as are the ratios of the main ingredients. 12 oz.