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Mischief in the Mansion
Mischief in the Mansion
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By Marshall, Landon, Bolton and Blake Sanford-- A short history of the South Carolina Governor’s Mansion and life within, as interpreted by the sons of the Governor and Mrs. Mark Sanford. Marshall, Landon, Bolton and Blake share their tales of growing up in a 150-year-old home abounding in antiques and history, and full of spaces for plenty of adventure. How old is the Governor's Mansion? Why is the number eight an important symbol in our state's history? Which First Lady is famous for sliding down the Mansion banister? How old are the oldest portraits in the Mansion? What does a local bank's foundation have in common with South Carolina public school libraries? Meet Jaws the turtle, Cocoa the cat, and Jeep and Julius the black labs. Learn what the boys do to turn a visit to the kitchen into a thrilling encounter and uncover the secret of the Hall of Governors. Hardback, 36 pages.